Thursday, February 26, 2015

Criminal Element Comes Out of the Shadows

War droid in the service of criminal elements.

HUTT SPACE - Increasingly militarized, the criminal element exposes itself, and the Rebellion, as a concentrated threat to civilization in the galaxy. Composed of aliens and reprogrammed droids, the galaxy is once again under attack by rebellious and separatist elements, seeking to undo all of the Empire's progress.

Militarized criminal elements have recently preyed upon civilian transport operators - both passengers and cargo bound for the Core Worlds - near the Perlemian Way, close to Hutt Space.

"This is more than your standard piracy," an ISB agent, preferring to remain anonymous told HNN. "This is the use of military-grade hardware to interdict and intercept civilian traffic, in order to place an embargo on the Empire's Core Worlds."

The criminal element is said to consist mostly of aliens and armed droids, something triggering tragic memories in older generations of Imperial citizens.

"There's no doubt that this puts salt on the wounds of our Clone War veterans," COMPNOR Agent Prop Agandist told HNN reporters. "They weren't all clones out there. There were good and loyal natural-born military personnel out there on the front lines, who are now made to feel like it was all for nothing."

"But it will not have been for nothing." Agent Agandist assured HNN readers. "The Imperial military will deal with these criminals with the same zeal with which it has suppressed the rebellion.

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