Monday, February 23, 2015

Imperial Navy Engages in Fighter Demonstrations

TIE Fighter maneuvers among star destroyers coming off the line at the Kuat Drive Yards orbital shipyard facilities

KUAT SYSTEM - with the labor dispute between Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) and organized labor working for its daughter company, Kuat Freight Port settled, the Imperial Navy is preparing the massing of its fleet and engaging in fighter exercises.

In order to put at ease anyone fearing that recent labor disputes have diminished the Imperial Navy's ability to maintain secure hyperlanes and to suppress the incipient rebellion, the Navy is profiling its fightercraft prowess in demonstrative exercises.

Fighter pilot WL-01-3, speaking to HNN reporters.

"I'm really excited to be flying with the Imperial Navy today," TIE fighter pilot WL-01-3 told HNN reporters reporting from the flight deck of the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Warlord'.

Nicknamed "Backstabber,", WL-01-3 informed HNN that he was proud to fly with his squadron leader WL-01-2, who carries the equally monicker "Mauler".

"While it isn't 'regs', we like the idea that the rebel scum know what they're in for if they tap into our comm frequency," WL-01-3, who serves as WL-01-2's wingman added.

When asked if he was concerned with breaking the 'regs', he shook his helmet.

"Did you note the number?" he asked, "Mauler - my squadron leader - is dash-2, not dash-1. Do you know why that is? It's because our dash-1 is Lord Vader himself!"

"I'd like to see some ISB agent talk to us about our non-reg callsigns. That'd be awesome!"

ISB agents were unavailable for comment.

COMPNOR Attaché Gevan Minn clarified that pilots' enthusiasms were encouraged in the Imperial Navy and that the so-called Black Squadron, to which both WL-01-2 and WL-01-3 belong, are an inspiration to TIE pilots throughout the Empire's starfighter crews.


All this is response to today's Star Wars: Armada news release: Lead the Fighter Attack

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