Friday, February 27, 2015

Kuat Drive Yards Assures Navy - Nearly Finished With Development of New Corvette

Raider-class corvette finishing development at Kuat Drive Yards orbital spacedock facility.

KUAT SYSTEM - In rapid response to the reports of increasing piracy and smuggling by criminal and rebel elements in the Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy has requisitioned a new counter-piracy platform from Kuat Drive Yards (KDY).

The Raider-class, a newly-developed corvette-sized craft, was requisitioned by the Navy several months ago and is nearing completion and deployment to the Outer Rim.

Speaking to reporters, a spokesperson for KDY informed HNN of the Raider-class' variable capabilities. "Unlike many ships of the Imperial Line, the Raider-class™ is customizable to the mission profile."

Among the options available to the Raider-class™ are ion cannon batteries, capable of disabling enemy ships for capture rather than destruction.

"If the sector admiralty deems it to be of necessity to capture criminal targets for interrogation or other purposes, then the Raider-class™ is an ideal platform. Its ion cannons will make quick work of any targets."

"Alternatively, if the mission is to make a swift example of pirates or insurgents, the Raider-class™ can be easily fitted with turbolaser cannons for large targets or quadruple laser cannons for fighter-size craft," the spokesperson added.

Neither the Imperial Navy nor the KDY spokesperson were at liberty to discuss the precise date when the Raider-class was schedule to be deployed. KDY wished to assure HNN readers that the recent labor dispute with its subsidiary company, Kuat Freight Port, had been completely solved and would not impact its ability to meet Navy demand.

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