Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Imperial Intelligence Intercepts Rebel Plans for Arkanis Sector

Intercepted imagery from rebel operations headquarters

ARKANIS SECTOR - Imperial Intelligence intercepted rebel signals alluding to sector-wide plans in the Arkanis Sector. This interception provides evidence of rebel collusion with criminal elements spreading corruption in this sector of the Outer Rim.

"The rebels have always acted hand-in-glove with the criminal underworld; so much so that it is impossible to say where the criminal fringe ends and the rebellion begins," ISB analyst Prop Agandist told HNN reporters.

"It has long been believed that the rebellion simply engaged in criminal activity in order to fund their insurrection," Agandist continued. "However, our analysis concludes that this is exactly backwards. The rebellion simply serves to create pockets of anarchy so that they can smuggle their contraband from these lawless alien areas to civilized parts of the galaxy."

Regarding the intercepted rebel plans, Agent Agandist held that these are evidence of a sector-wide campaign.

"It's not just one system. It's the entire sector; they are getting increasingly bold with their treason."

Asked about the efforts to enlist civilian contractors, Agent Agandist clarified: "Civilian support is always welcome, but as well-meaning as these are, civilians simply cannot compete with the Imperial Navy in terms of capabilities or dedication."

"Also, remember that these are contractors, not volunteers."

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