Saturday, February 21, 2015

Smuggled Contraband Sighted on Brentaal IV

Smuggler under Imperial arrest

BRENTAAL IV - Illicit goods have shown up on the old industrial world of Brentaal IV in the Bormea Sector. It is said to be the work of the notorious smuggling chief Amazone of Ukio, who hires subcontracted small-time smugglers to do her distribution.

The contraband is said to include illicit weapons and other militarized equipment, often accompanied by hired guns flying repurposed Y-wing fighters - craft considered to have been made obsolete since the Clone War.

The first evidence of said illicit goods were found in the home of one man known to be a religious figure among Brentaal's homeless. Crime analysts say that they are not surprised by the connection of such a figure to a criminal network such as Amazone's. Apologists for this behavior claim that the indictee had little choice as there were no COMPNOR facilities in his vicinity to whom he could turn for succor.

"Absolute nonsense," ISB agents claimed. "Brentaal is a world that is awash with COMPNOR facilities. If [redacted] had been a loyal Imperial citizen, he could have come to any number of COMPNOR stations. It is clearly evident that a man of such weak moral character would have fallen in with criminal activity of this sort, rather than finding a good use for his life in the Imperial Navy."

In the meantime, citizens of Brentaal worry if this is evidence that there will be a broader invasion of their homeworld of criminals and smugglers. They worry that with the navy out on the Outer Rim suppressing the terrorist rebellion that the Empire will not be able to save them from lawlessness.

These citizens have been relocated to COMPNOR re-education camps where they can learn not to spread such vicious rumors.

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