Friday, February 20, 2015

HNN Tactical Report: Illegally Outfitted Freighters Support Rebellion Insurgents

From our senior tactical analyst:

Space freighter 'Outrider' belonging to
notorious criminal and terrorist Dash

PREFSBELT IV - Reports from the Outer Rim suggest that freighter pilots operating on the fringes of the galaxy. These include notorious criminal smuggler and rebel sympathizer, Dash Rendar and his droid associate LE-BO2D9, aka “Leebo”. Such criminals plan to equip their freighter ships with illicit technology stolen from the Black Sun crime syndicate.

These restricted weapons include highly explosive concussion cannons known as “Mangler” cannons, which will aid the rebellion in their attacks on the Imperial Naval fleet and innocent civilians. Rendar has also reportedly smuggled Starfighter-class flechette cannons, deemed illegal and unethical by the Imperial Ruling Council for use on ships outside of the Galactic Imperial Navy. Reports have it that these have been smuggled to rebel military outposts to be equipped to rebel B-Wing/E2 “Tactician class” starfighters.

Additional reports have freelance bounty hunter droid IG-88 conducting military operations against high profile targets. IG-88’s reputation as a loner, and Imperial analysis of his battles, have lead some to believe his ship, the 'IG-2000', uses advanced technology that allows it to appear in two places at once. Others speculate that two or more identical IG-88s and IG-2000s conspire together, posing as one individual. Unfortunately, no survivors are ever left to confirm this. All other information on this bounty hunter droid has been heavily classified by the Empire.

To help combat this new threat of insurgent freighters, transports and re-purposed rebel Y-Wings, the Imperial Navy, with some minor assistance and collaboration from Xizor Transport Systems, has developed new automated thruster avoidance technology. This technology will allow Imperial Navy starfighter pilots to more easily avoid automated cannon fire from unskilled freighter pilots. These are reported to be fitted onto Imperial TIE/In Interceptor starfighters for maximum effect.

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