Friday, February 20, 2015

Kuat Drive Yards Port Employees Agree to Deal

Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) orbital shipyard facility
at Kuat IV

KUAT SYSTEM - Citizens around the galaxy slept easier after news came out over a deal reached between Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) and organized labor working for its daughter company, Kuat Freight Port.

Port workers had engaged in work slowdowns in protest against use of Wookiee labor by the parent company. With Kuat Freight Port incapable of carrying freight to the shipyards, the Imperial Navy worried over its a ability to introduce new platforms to its fleets engaged in suppression of the rebel uprising on the Outer Rim.

A deal was reached after the Emperor had temporarily appointed his long time aide, Lord Darth Vader, as acting Imperial labor secretary.

"I found new ways to motivate them," Lord Vader told HNN reporters after port workers and KDY executives signed a labor contract agreement.

With the contract signed, KDY reports that new transfers of new fleet ships can begin to supply the Empire's fleets and the rebellion can be crushed once and for all.

"That's why we do the work we do," Kuat of Kuat, hereditary CEO and chief designer at KDY informed HNN. "We provide the hardware that keeps the galaxy safe from criminals and terrorists. It was unfortunate that the port workers temporarily lost sight of that."

"Now that those scab Wookiees have gone back to Rwufrwuf [meaning Kashyyyk], or wherever the void they came from, we can get back to work," Portworker's Union Chief Stewart also told HNN.

According to the Kuat System's COMPNOR representative the problems had started when Kuat Freight Port had brought in indentured Wookiee labor to move handheld cargo, unloading freighters with reactor parts intended for Gladiator-class Star Destroyers being built at the orbital shipyard facilities. KDY managers claimed to be doing so in order to save the human port workers from possible radiation, whereas union members argued the 'set up' was organized to take jobs from loyal (ie. human) Imperial citizens working on an Imperial cause.

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