Monday, May 25, 2015

Total Rebel Defeat in the Arbra System

Two Mark II Assault frigates in the Arbra system with an asteroid base in the background.

From our correspondent in the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector

ARBRA SYSTEM - Yesterday a line of star destroyers discovered two rebel assault frigates and several squadrons of snubfighters replenishing their supplies at a space station in the Arbra system in the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector. The frigates were both destroyed and a handful of X-Wing fighters were permitted to escape.

The commander of the mission, Inquisitor Baryn Bekar, had uncovered the rebels presence in the Arbra sector - an out-of-the-way system in the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim. This part of the Bon'nyuw-Luq sector was deemed to be exactly the sort of place where the rebellion would hide their treasonous activity. Having been justly and mercilessly crushed, they are active in that system no more.

Inquisitor Bekar's 'wolf pack' of star destroyers was able to deftly and courageously outmaneuver the traitors' vessels. The GSD Insidious, a Gladiator II-class star destroyer, spearheading the charge, absorbing the rebels' turbolaser fire, while the other star destroyers, a Victory I-class and another Gladiator II-class came around the frigates' flank.

The station, seemingly a wretched hive of treason and insurrection, shall be subjected to forensic investigation by Imperial Intelligence. Imperial Intelligence analysts assert that the station is possibly a treasure trove of information, which will possibly lead to other such rebel outposts being uncovered. Learning the locations of such hidden rebel bases could lead to the final and utter destruction of the rebellion, and the re-establishment of peace and tranquility in the galaxy.

GAME: Armada
Location: Unknown
DATE: 5-23-2015?

Battle 1
System: Arbra System
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Superior Positions

EMPIRE Deathseed
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed + Intel Officer + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher
Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Assault Concussion Missiles
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Wulff Yularen + Sensor Team + Engine Techs + Expanded Launchers + Insidious

REBELS: Unknown
Mark II Assault Frigate (type and upgrades unknown) + Mon Mothma
Mark II Assault Frigate (type and upgrades unknown)
5x X-wing squadron

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