Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Make A Difference - Work For Sienar Systems

Looking for a meaningful career in engineering?

Sienar Systems may have the career opportunity for you!

Many loyal Imperial citizens are tired of working dead-end jobs, such as that of nerf herding or moisture farming on desolate worlds far from the glamorous Core Worlds of the galaxy

Does this describe you?

Do you think you can make a difference?

One day you may be important and impressive enough to go to the Core Worlds! However, for now, you have the opportunity to come to Lothal! It is also an out-of-the-way place on the Outer Rim, but probably not as pathetic as the world you currently live on.

Apply now for the chance of your lifetime!

Sienar Systems is an Imperial-class contract employer. It does not confer insurance or other benefits for workers. All workers are hired on contract and replaceable at will. Workers for Sienar Systems relinquish all rights to hold Sienar Systems accountable for death and/or dismemberment during contract employment.

Sienar Systems - A Great Place to Work!

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