Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rebellion Fails in Plot to Trap Imperial Patrol

Imperial patrol in the Farstine system.

FARSTINE SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol was attacked by two rebel ships in the Farstine system today. One corvette seemignly acted as a blockade runner, while a frigate came up behind the patrol while exiting hyperspace. Fortunately, the rebel attempt utterly failed to do more than cause the death of some courageous TIE fighter pilots.

Naval analysis infers that the rebels were themselves caught by surprise by the addition of a Gladiator-class star destroyer to the standard patrol consisting of a Victory-class star destroyer. In the Farstine skirmish, the Gladiator-class quickly pounced on the blockade runner, using its superior speed to intercept the corvette.

The rebel attack is seen to be a part of the force commanded by a particularly vicious rebel warlord, called Admiral Theia. Last week her ships captured a space station in the Ryndellia system, reportedly executing all loyal Imperial citizens.

Theia is reputed to be aiming to take and hold territory, rather than the usual rebel (and criminal) attempts to ferry illicit goods and weaponry to the Arkanis sector.

Rest assured good and loyal citizens of the Empire. The Imperial Navy shall soon make short work of this traitor, and Ryndellia will be liberated from the terrorists.

GAME: Armada
DATE: 5-14-2015

Battle 1
System: Farstine system
WINNER: Rebels
OBJECTIVE: Hyperspace Assault

EMPIRE Michael
Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed
Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer
TIE Bomber Squadron 2x TIE Fighter Squadron

REBELS: Michelle
CR90a Corvette
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate+ General Dodonna
Luke Skywalker
3x X-Wing Squadron

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