Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bothan Saboteurs Sabotage Naval Academy Datapads

Academy datapad containing sliced tactical instructions.

PREFSBELT IV - Junior naval officers have found tactical mistakes in their tactical instructions manuals, which if followed would put Imperial naval units in severe danger. Bothan saboteurs are suspected of having sliced into the naval academy datapads containing the tactical instructions.

The particular line involves instructions for cadet officers ordering their star destroyers to launch themselves into combat at full speed at the outset of combat and to order for repairs, rather than reducing speed. It appears in item 6 'prepare ships' on page 5 of the manual.

"This is suicidal," one cadet told HNN reporters, "you don't want those rebels stabbing you in the back. You want to start slow, or even at a halt in the beginning of a skirmish. Repairs don't come 'till later."

This sabotaging of student manuals is considered to be typical of rebel tactics, especially of alien rebels such as Bothans. Bothans are known to be slicers and spies, and thus fully in the character of these beings.

"That these filthy aliens would put misinformation into the textbooks of students is outrageous, but also quite natural to these aliens," Mr. Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) said.

"Many Bothans will die for bringing us this misinformation," a spokesman for the Imperial Security Bureau vowed.

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