Friday, April 3, 2015

Rogue Planetoid Strikes Arkanis II

Collision between Arkanis II and rogue planetoid

ARKANIS PRIME - Tragedy struck the Arkanis system today, when a rogue planetoid struck one of the worlds of this system. While the planet was largely uninhabited, aside from a species known as the Gaim, the planet was a place of resources and in the hyperspace entry zone to the system. Thankfully, no human life was harmed.

While the native species was made extinct, the greater loss - being those resourced deemed contributory to Imperial Rule (such as Victory-class Star Destroyers) - are in need of rebuilding. The Empire calls upon all loyal citizens to donate credits to the rebuilding of the Arkanis system.

With the Arkanis system beset by rebellious and criminal elements, these are naturally suspected of being behind the rogue planetoid's appearance. Though claiming not to possess the resources to move a planetoid of this size out of its natural orbital alignment, the planetoid was not accounted for in the space navigation data of the Imperial Space Ministry. As a result, the rebel and criminal elements will be held accountable in just a few days when the Empire musters its forces to wreak retribution on those responsible.

So, my FLGS - Red Castle Games (Facebook page) - was struck by a wayward car yesterday. They're looking for donations to rebuild. Please check out their fundraiser here.

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