Monday, April 13, 2015

New Moff Appointed to the Arkanis Sector: Vows to Change Strategy and Bring Sector to Heel

Newly-appointed Moff Dzohn Brennin of the Arkanis Sector, choosing to maintain the uniform of Imperial Intelligence

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In replacement of the Arkanis Sector Group Fleet Admiral Hoogvliet, recently retired by Lord Darth Vader, the Emperor has appointed Moff Dzon Brennin as sector governor of the Arkanis sector.

As a career counter-insurgency oper- ative within Imperial Intelligence, Brennin's appointment signals a strategic shift in Imperial Central's approach to the wayward sector of the Outer Rim.

In a press conference with numerous news agencies loyal to the Empire, Brennin announced a new strategy, titled an 'Imposition Matrix'. This strategy is said to be aimed at bringing the sector's treasonous and criminal elements to heel in a more surgical but forceful approach.

Vice Admiral Bodum will remain in command of the remainder of the sector's naval units, save for specific units to be tasked to an approach the new strategy. Details (or even a general outline) of this 'Imposition Matrix' remain obscure, but are said to be a more targeted approach to the insurgency and general criminality in the sector.

The moff assured HNN that more would be made public, when the rebel insurgents and crime syndicates begin to feel the sting of this operation.

Political analysts, however, believe that the Emperor only has limited patience before he expects to receive results from this new approach.

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