Friday, April 3, 2015

Blockade of the Arkanis Sector Slow to Materialize

  A Victory-class Star Destroyer in orbit in the Christophsis system awaiting crew to be deployed.

CHRISTOPHSIS - The Savareen sector Group has taken receipt of its first Victory-class Star Destroyer, while local Imperial forces are slow to muster personnel to crew the craft. As a result, the blockade of the Arkanis sector, which is to take place in the Savereen Sector, as recently reported, has not yet been implemented.

The delay in mustering is reported to be due to a situation of overemployment on the planet (due to successful Imperial economic policies) as well as a hold-up in getting flag officers to become more familiar with the star destroyer's instruction manual.

Moff Christoph-Tagge, supreme commander of all naval forces in the Savareen sector told HNN reporters that while the forces are slow to deploy, workcrews are busy preparing TIE fighters with a paintjob not received from Sienar Fleet Systems. While Sienar has been diligent in the past with providing the fighters with the protective and decorative coating, these were pressed into service too quickly and inexpensively, leaving it to the sector authorities to take care of.

Furthermore, the moff told HNN hat support vessels are being built to assist in the eventual deployment of the fleet.

Analysts on Imperial Center are concerned that a delay will cause the situation in the neighboring Arkanis sector to worsen. Should matters take longer, there is an expectation that Lord Vader will have to find new ways to motivate local naval commanders.

So, I finally have the game after two weeks of being away from home, but can't the time to play!

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