Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pirates Captured by Imperial Forces

Captured pirates being taken to interrogation

HULDAMUN SYSTEM - Several pirates operating along the Vaschean Way were apprehended by Imperial forces near the Huldamun system. Their interrogation is expected to lead to the identification of the leadership of the criminal elements in the Arkanis Sector.

The pirates were located by a bounty hunter in the service of the Moff Brennin. Brennin was recently installed as sector governor in the Arkanis sector after a series of defeats leading to the permanent retirement of the previous fleet admiral.

Moff Brennin's approach, titled 'Imposition Matrix' is a new approach towards dealing with the criminal element, and involves operations such as the one leading to the capture of these pirates.

The apprehended pirates were of alien origin, and surrendered after their wingmen were swiftly dispatched with heavy laser cannons. They had been operating in a formation of four Z-95 Headhunter close-range fighters, but were heavily armed with ordnance and illicit modifications.

Should the apprehended pirates survive the interrogation process, they are scheduled to be transferred to the spice mining facility on Kessel.



Battle 1
System: Huldamun
WINNER: Empire
DATE: 2015-04-15

EMPIRE: Michael
Colonel Vessery + Daredevil + Heavy Laser Cannon + Engine Upgrade
Bounty Hunter + Heavy Laser Cannon + Weapons Engineer + Proximity Mines + Engine Upgrade

SCUM: Kelley
Binayre Pirate + Dean Man's Switch + Concussion Missiles + Munitions Failsafes
Binayre Pirate + Homing Missiles + Munitions Failsafes + Feedback Array
Kaa'to Leeachos + Intertial Dampeners + Cluster Missiles + Munitions Failsafes
N'Dru Suhlak + Assault Missiles + Expert Handling + Munitions Failsafes

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