Friday, April 17, 2015

Empire Quadruples Its Intent to Bring Relief to Beleaguered Peoples

Newly-designed humanitarian relief craft, TIE Punisher

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Swiftly responding to the new threat against humanity, the Imperial Navy has unveiled its latest TIE-series spacecraft, the TIE Punisher.

The TIE Punisher, according to the spokesman for the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), Mr. Prop Agandist, was designed top-to-bottom for the purpose of bringing relief aid to the besieged citizens of the Arkanis sector, suffering the anarchy and chaos of the crime and terrorism wave of the last few months.

"These craft can carry four times the payload of the TIE/sa Bomber, and increases our chances of bringing just the confort and support those people need to see them through this tough time, while we deal with their victimizers in space."

Asked why the ship's title was revealed to be 'Punisher', Agandist explained. "Because bringing aid, succor, and relief to the rebellion's innocent victim's is the greatest punishment of all: to show that our humanitarianism is limitless, and that their terrorism will not shake our core identity."

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