Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More Falsehoods From The Outer Rim

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - More reports on the galactic newsnets are carrying rebellion propaganda of another hit-and-run space battle, this time reported to be from the Sullust system, in the Brema sector of the Outer Rim. According to reports authenticated by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) these reports are entirely fabricated. Sullust, nor its manufacturing base, have been under any threat from the rebellion and remain firmly under Imperial control.

COMPNOR agent Prop Agandist assuring loyal citizens of the Empire that rumors of an Imperial defeat in the Outer Rim was pure fabrication.

COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist, reassured HNN that reports such as these were merely unsubstantiated rumors being spread by the rebellion in order to make themselves seem like more than the mere nuisance that they have proved themselves to be.

"Again, these are all lies," Agandist said, echoing his statement about similar reports from last week.

"Read my lips, there are no rebels in the Sullust system."

Mr. Agandist further asserted that the rebel rumormongers and those who were assisting in the spread these falsehoods would be swiftly brought to the Empire's justice. He informed HNN that the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was already rounding up suspects from the Outer Rim's alien planets, including Sullust, where the rumors seem to have begun.

"It is preposterous to even think that a small handful of frigates and corvettes with some small fighter craft could pose a danger to two Victory-class star destroyers. If the rebels want to gain credibility, they should at least make their stories plausible," Agandist scoffed.

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