Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ImpMart under fire for use of non-human labor

The ImpMart corporate logo

ETTI IV (CORPORATE SECTOR) - The galaxy-wide distributor of inexpensive consumer necessities, ImpMart, has been under fire by humans-first activists for their high labor standards for aliens in the Corporate Sector.

With the Empire increasingly dependent on imports from the Corporate Sector, loyal enthusiasts for the New Order are criticizing the Corporate Sector's labor practices. In the middle of the controversy is ImpMart, which is based on Coruscant, but outsources its manufacturing to the Corporate Sector for less expensive labor costs.

Humans-first activists, meanwhile, are split. Some are demanding that ImpMart re-patriate their manufacturing in order to employ more humans, others are demanding that Impmart's manufacturing centers lower their labor standards in order to reduce costs for (human) consumers in the Core worlds. Other activists still demand both of these measures concurrently.

Sentient-rights activists, meanwhile, argue that current labor standards are abysmally low, causing the death of non-human indentured workers on the factory worlds of the Corporate Sector. Some even call the practices "inhuman". Agent Prop Agandist of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) responded to the sentient-rights activists, saying: "Duh! They're aliens!"

Agents of the Imperial Security Bureau have rounded up the Sentient-rights activists and have exported them to the factory worlds of the Corporate Sector in order to counteract the trade imbalance.

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