Thursday, April 23, 2015

Replenishment Ship Arrives in Savareen Sector

Altor-class replenishment ship Resourceful orbiting Llanic Prime

LLANIC SYSTEM - The Altor-class replenishment ship Resourceful has arrived in the Llanic system in order to provide the patrolling vessels of the Imperial fleet with fuels, stores, and blaster gasses.

Particularly the blaster gasses intended for the turbolasers of the Victory-class star destroyers patrolling the trade routes of the Savareen and surrounding sectors are in particular demand. These gasses, such as Tibanna, provide the turbolasers with their much-feared firepower.

"These gasses are extremely valuable and volatile," Lt. Dobbelsteen told HNN reporters. Dobbelsteen serves aboard the VSD Despot as its supply officer for gaseous stores.

"Tibanna is a precious commodity, but what some people don't know is that it comes in different types, even if it has the same octohedron-shaped molecule," Dobbelsteen said.

"However, when this type is ignited," he said, pointing towards large black pressure tanks, "it has a short burst and can be very deadly at short ranges, whereas the type in the blue pressure tank over there is sharp accurate energy when it explodes."

Coming to the red pressure tanks, Dobbelsteen spoke of its contents: "Now this gas here is what we use for most of our rebellion-crushing business. It is used by our longer-range turbolasers. Hopefully by the time those are done with the rebel scum, we won't even need the others."

It is more than clear that the star destroyers patrolling the space routes of the Outer Rim around the anarchic Arkanis sector are replenished and eager to do their part in returning stability and order to the galaxy.

That's right. I got my dice from Red Castle Games.

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