Monday, April 6, 2015

Savareen Sector: First Catch

Newly-commissioned officers of the Imperial Navy overseeing blockade of hyperspace routes leading to the Arkanis Sector.

ANDASALA SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol consisting of one of the new Victory-class star destroyers deployed to the Savareen sector intercepted an attempted run on the blockade against the Arkanis sector. one rebel corvette was destroyed, and a frigate was driven off.

With the Savareen sector being patrolled by the Imperial Navy, it is expected that more such skirmishes shall take place as the new star destroyers deployed to the sector prevent supply shipments to the Arkanis sector. These supplies are reported to include resources for the rebel and criminal elements destabilizing that portion of space.

The interdicted rebel ships were located in the Andasala system, an Outer Rim system along the Llanic Spice Run. While The Andasala system is not formally a part of the Savareen Sector, belonging instead to the Cor'ric sector. With the outer Rim generally being a lawless and uncivilized part of the galaxy, the Imperial Navy has deemed it necessary to ignore jurisdictions in order to engage in a more comprehensive enforcement of Imperial order.

Local authorities have complained over the transgression of existing jurisdictions. Fortunately, these have been dismissed as only existing to provide a haven for the pirates and other criminals in the Andalasa system. Furthermore, the mere name 'Llanic Spice Run' suggests the spice trade as the dominant economy of the area. Once the Empire has completed the blockade of the Arkanis sector, analysts predict further police actions against these crime-ridden backwards parts of the galaxy.


 Red Castle Games (Learn-to-play game)

Battle 1
System: Andasala
WINNER: Empire
DATE: 2015-04-05

EMPIRE: Michael
Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Assault Concussion Missiles + Engineering Team
"Howlrunner" TIE Fighter Squadron
5x TIE Fighter Squadron

REBELS: Michelle
CR90? Corvette
Nebulon-B Support Frigate + General Dodonna + Nav Team
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Squadron
3x X-Wing Squadron
(and other upgrades to be recalled when I get my notes)

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