Friday, April 24, 2015

KDY Profiles Raider-Class Corvette

A Raider-class corvette docked at the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) shipyard facility

KUAT SYSTEM – Distracting from recent disappointing news, Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) profiles its latest product, the Raider-class corvette as the Empire's latest answer to the Rebellion's focus on small fighter craft.

"Soon, the Rebels will learn to fear the might of the Empire!" KDY's advertisement proclaimed.

Despite the enthusiasm of the admiralty for the Raider-class in fleet engagements, TIE-fighter wing commanders serving on the front lines express their disappointment with news that they feel may impact the front lines, such as the Empire's mission to return order and stability to the Arkanis sector.

These wing commanders express more interest in news long awaited from Sienar Fleet Systems about the redevelopment of the TIE Advanced/X1 as well as new recruits from the Prefsbelt naval academy being trained to operate these new fighter craft.

An unnamed agent of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) told HNN that these wing commanders and subordinate squadron leaders may be investigated for disloyalty should their "grousing" continue.

"They should demonstrate equal enthusiasm as the admiralty, unless they wish their loyalty to be tested on the Arkanis front, or the spice mines of Kessel."

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