Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leaked Transmission Emerges on Holonet

An ISB agent vows to bring the perpetrators of this data leak to justice.

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) reports that a leaked image from Kuat Drive Yards has circulated the Holonet. The criminal slicing organization HoloLeaks and a wayward ISB analyst, Nedd Hothden, appear to be the criminal culprits.

"These holonet criminals will face the full weight of Imperial justice when the long arm of the ISB catches up with them," an ISB agent told HNN.

"Such leaks compromise Imperial security as the Navy's future plans and capabilities need to remain confidential in order to give them the capability to strike at the enemies of galactic civilization at unawares."

Leaked transmission between Kuat Drive Yards and Lord Darth Vader

The leaked transmission appears to be one between Kuat Drive Yards, in charge of building a new line of Imperial-class star destroyers, and Lord Darth Vader giving instructions on his specifications.

The leaked technical specifications betray the Imperial-class star destroyer as having a sublight speed greater than that of the Victory-class star destroyer, currently the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Furthermore, the leaked data suggests that the Imperial-class will have greater defensive capabilities.

Scurrilous analysts assert that the Imperial-class will get little use out of the greater sublight capability as Imperial doctrine involves slower speeds and using frontal turbolaser assaults to degrade rebel elements.

"Those who question the wisdom of Darth Vader's designs are potentially just as guilty of treason as Hothden and HoloLeaks are," the ISB agent claimed. "They had better hold their tongues if they do not want our rehabilitation droids to remove them."

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