Saturday, March 21, 2015

Savareen Sector Fleet to Blockade Arkanis Sector

Border area between the Arkanis and Savareen sectors along the Corellian Run and Triellus Trade Route

CHRISTOPHSIS - With the Arkanis sector still suffering from chaos and lawlessness, the surrounding sectors aim to prevent a spillover of criminal and rebellious activity.

The Savareen Sector Group fleet will blockade the Arkanis Sector along two critical trade routes - the Corellian Run, which connects the Outer Rim to the more civilized parts of the galaxy, and the Triellus Trade Route, which provides a circumferential connection to other parts of the galaxy's periphery.

Moff Erian Christoph-Tagge of the Savareen sector has declared that none may enter the Arkanis sector through his territory without being subject to a potential search and - if warranted - seizure by elements of his sector fleet.

"The only way to stifle the anarchy in the failed Arkanis sector is to suffocate it of war materièl," Moff Christoph-Tagge told HNN reporters.

A strategic-affairs spokesman of the Savareen Sector Group admiralty disclosed that the Tythe and Christoph systems would be the key choke points with interdictor cruisers preventing hyperspace travel, but patrols would prevent passage in neighboring systems as well.

"Interdiction as well as extensive patrols will prevent the criminal and rebel elements from bringing relief to the forces of chaos and anarchy in the Arkanis sector, and maintain security from those elements to the Savareen sector and the civilized coreward parts of the galaxy," the spokesman said.

The idea here is to have a narrative story that will connect the upcoming Unofficial X-Wing Galactic Campaign (UXGC), which will remain purely X-Wing oriented, to the games of Armada that I (and you?) will be playing.

For now, such updates will be purely narrative and not have a numerically accounted impact on the UXGC narrative. Also, it will be subject to substantial spin by HNN. That said, I do plan to account for the battles and their outcome, and there's only so much that HNN can spin from the "reality". If you're interested in adding material to this narrative, please contact me.

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