Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adm. Hoogvliet of Arkanis Sector Group Outlines Strategy for Sector Pacification

Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector briefing HNN and other sundry reporters

ARKANIS SYSTEM - With Imperial efforts to pacify the crime-ridded Arkanis sector underway, Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group navy outlined his strategy at a press conference today. Initial incursions into the system are to be of an exploratory nature, but will focus on maintaining security for major spacelanes. Further, capital ships are deemed unnecessary for the task, which wil instead be carried by fighter- and medium-size craft.

The admiral addressed reporters from multiple news outlets, both from loyal channels such as HNN as well as less-than-loyal stations from the Outer Rim and other alien worlds. Speaking from the starfighter briefing hall of his flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Suppressor, the admiral announced that the first order of business would be to consolidate control of systems along the Corellian Run trade route.

Area of initial operations along the Corellian Run Trade Route

"Once we have fully rid Arkanis of rebel and criminal elements, we shall move to Sirpar and then Gorno," he said indicating these systems on a holomap of the sector. "From there we move spinward, driving the insurgents and criminals before us."

Characterizing criminal and insurrection forces as "rag-tag", the admiral spoke of fighter-craft being the ideal combat unit for the pacification of the sector. "Capital ships are intended for conventional naval warfare and political shows of strength," the Admiral said.

Asked if his briefing compromised Imperial strategy by making the Rebellion and the criminal elements aware of the plan, the Admiral dismissed concerns. "In order to respond to our strategy, the rebellion and the criminals would have to be capable of concerted efforts. Informing insects of your plans to crush them does not change their behavior."

A less-than-loyal reporter suggesting greater agency of the rebellion and criminal elements was escorted from the chamber and has since volunteered for duties more useful to the Emperor.

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