Saturday, March 28, 2015

University Under Investigation for Usurping the Time of HNN Reporter

Intragalactic Relations Faculty Building at the University of Kalla, on Kalla VII in the Corporate Sector

KALLA VII (CORPORATE SECTOR) - The Intragalactic Relations department at the University of Kalla on Kalla VII in the Corporate Sector in under investigation for interfering with the dissemination of loyal Imperial information.

Despite being an institution dedicated to the pursuit of technical education, commerce, and administration, with minimal stress on the humanities, the small Intragalactic Relations department has usurped the bulk of an HNN reporter's time, forcing his silence in bringing loyal HNN readers news from the front lines in the Arkanis sector or the blockade in the Savareen sector.

While the Corporate Sector is nominally autonomous, that autonomy exists at the pleasure of the Emperor, and sources close to the Emperor on Imperial Center have leaked information that the Emperor has grown impatient with HNN reporting (or the lack thereof). Pursuant to the Emperor's alleged displeasure, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) has reportedly taken an interest in the activities of the Intragalactic Relations department faculty, with possible terminal consequences.

Despite its 'neo-brutalist' architecture, which is much in keeping with the Imperial style, the faculty is allegedly not as Imperial in its sympathy as its housing would suggest. However, all concerned trust that once the faculty are informed of their trespasses against the needs of HNN loyal readership, the faculty will come to realize the errors of their ways, and the HNN reporter in question will be released.

Obscure story short: I've been busy at work. Hope to resume normal posting schedule upon return from bondage.


  1. The nerve of this facility! How will the rebel scum ever come to learn the error of their ways without the beacon that is HNN reaching out to them?

  2. Indeed!
    And now that I have returned to the Savereen Sector, I find myself having to catch up on a backlog of work. Sunday there's an X-Wing tournament, which I'm really eager for, but that will delay my entry to Armada even further.