Monday, March 16, 2015

Prefsbelt Naval Academy Distributes Capital-ship Tactics Manuals

Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominator firing ion cannons in exercises in orbit around Prefsbelt IV

PREFSBELT IV - The increased rebellious and criminal activity in the Outer Rim, the Imperial Navy is preparing a new cohort of naval cadets to deploy to the embattled part of the galaxy. Today new manuals were distributed in order to train cadets in the general points of naval combat.

This was reported this morning by the rogue news outlet FFG, but the information has now been cleared by the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) for general knowledge.

The Imperial Navy seeks to deploy naval units comprised of Victory-class Star Destroyers, possibly as soon as next week, though precise dates remain classified.

Last month there were worries that new ships coming off the line would not be available to the Navy, due to a labor dispute between Kuat Freight Port, a daughter company of Kuat Drive Yards, and organized port workers. However, the fleet is nearly fully operational and will be properly commandeered by new naval officers being trained at the Prefsbelt Naval Academy.

Meanwhile, false rumors persist that the rebellion has been stealing escort vessels of the Nebulon-B type, or civilian craft such as Corellian corvettes. COMPNOR deems such rumors false and disloyal. Those caught distributing such propaganda will be shot. Imperial army or navy personnel spreading such rumors will be sent to the Arkanis Sector.


  1. I notice that the training program includes use of renowned simulator "Empire at War." It is good to see that the glorious Empire uses only the finest tools in training it's new cadets!

    1. Only the finest for the finest navy in the galaxy! (Rebels are forced to use 'Space Invaders'.)