Thursday, March 19, 2015

BENN GLECK: The Outer Rim Aliens Just Aren’t Like You and Me.

Senior Outer-Rim Analyst Benn Gleck on the cover of his new datapad issue: 'Arguing With Aliens'

HNN Senior Outer Rim Analyst Benn Gleck writes an open letter to HNN readers/watchers/listeners. He explains why the Outer Rim is in uprising against the Empire.

Dear loyal citizens of the Empire,

I know the Outer Rim. Like you, I haven’t been there, but I know the Outer Rim. I know it because I know I love my Empire, and I know that they don’t.

Why don’t they love the Empire? It’s simple. The Empire recognized that the aliens who ran the Old Republic behind the scenes were treating humans as second-class citizens. The Old Republic gave aliens hand-outs – not just the material kind, but in terms of bending the galaxy’s natural order to accommodate them. They made doorways large enough for a Hutt to fit through. They put protocol droids at every office to let Wookiees and Rodians be understood by every excessive bureaucrat, and they even established celebrations of Jawa Heritage Month.

But who made all that happen in the first place? Who created galactic civilization, and brought the light of technology, communications, and star travel to the furthest reaches of known space? Humans from the Core Worlds, of course. Only humans had the innate drive and venturing spirit to forge our way out into the galaxy. But when were humans celebrated? When were our accomplishments put on a pedestal?

And, with all that, is it any wonder that the aliens took advantage? By bringing the light of our accomplishments to the aliens open-handed, they would have been crazy not to take it – so they did. The problem is, by giving it all away, and allowing alien life forms to flourish and take over positions of power in the Old Republic through Confirmative Action programs, there wasn’t anyone left to maintain the glowing heart of Galactic Civilization. Humans worked to feed the regime that had become alien, but that regime had become as fat and hungry as a Hutt. It had become fat and hungry because it was void of that human venturing capacity within its heart. It had become corrupt with the aliens who took resources, rather than strong with the stalwartness of the humans who made those resources.

I used to be an Old Republican, until I saw how big and wasteful government had become tyrannical in name of accommodating aliens. I had a wake-up call, as did the Galaxy.

The Old Republic had to fall under the weight of its own foreign shiftlessness. The great Supreme Chancellor Palpatine caught it in its fall and erected the Empire in its stead. He made human-alien relations fair and balanced again, even granting aliens their own section on Imperial Center to pervade and teem in. Look at how quickly, left to their own devices, the Alien Protection Zone became putrid and permeated with corruption.

By putting aliens on an equal footing as humans, it was demonstrated how they were different. Forcing the aliens to be responsible for themselves, and putting their corrupt culture on display, showed how dependent and usurious they had always been. Showing this deflated their borrowed self-esteem. They resented the Emperor for it. They resent the Empire for it, and - above all – they resent you for it. They resent you, because they can't be like you. They can't be the self-dependent hard-working, moral people, that we humans have always been.

They’re going to want to restore the Republic – an alien sultanate if you will. It will start in the Outer Rim, and expand over the Western Reaches and Trailing Sectors. But I will reveal more of their grand plan for the Galaxy in the next open letter.

Stay tuned, loyal citizens.

Stay tuned.


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