Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naval Academy Shifting Curriculum Towards Fleet Tactics

Vice-Provost Cobalt Wraith at the training facility aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible

PREFSBELT IV - In order to suppress rising crime and pockets of treason, the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV is adjusting its curriculum to prepare for tactical scenarios.

With events on the Outer Rim unfolding as the Emperor had foreseen, and the Navy preparing capital ships to suppress the crime wave and insurrection in places such as the Quelii and Arkanis sectors, the Naval Academy is meeting the tactical demands of the future.

The Imperial Admiralty has outlined twelve naval combat scenarios that require tactical doctrines to match. In response, Vice-Provost for Tactical Doctrines Cobalt Wraith has instituted a number of courses at the naval academy to develop doctrines and train naval cadets in their application.

Speaking to freshman cadets, the vice Provost said: "So before we launch into detailed discussion of the new objectives, some of which are extremely interesting, these are the best words I've heard today: 'The time to deploy your fleet is fast approaching!'", to which cadets cheered enthusiastically.

Filing into separate classrooms at the training facility aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflexible, students seemed particularly interested to learn tactical doctrines related to navigation.

"Our cadets are eager to be out on the front lines, crushing the rebellion," Vice-Provost Wraith told HNN reporters. "Of course, this is just the beginning. More and more naval cadets will come through our doors, but the doctrines will be tested on the front lines once the fleet deploys en masse to the Outer Rim."

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