Thursday, March 19, 2015

Victory-class Star Destroyers Deployed to Furthest Reaches of the Galaxy

A Victory-class Star Destroyer at lightspeed, being deployed to the Outer Rim

KUAT SYSTEM – the Imperial Navy confirms Victory-class Star Destroyers are being deployed from the shipyards at Kuat IV to fleets around the galaxy. Threatened citizens breathe sighs of relief, anticipating their liberation from rebellion and lawlessness.

After months of anticipation, the Imperial Navy assures loyal citizens of the Empire that these vessels are being deployed. Capable of bringing two squadrons of TIE fighters and three battalions of stormtroopers to any situation, these star destroyers are headed to the Mid and Outer Rim of the galaxy, and the beleaguered sectors of those will soon know the peace and order that only the Empire can provide. More importantly, the citizens of the Core Worlds can be assured that the spread of rebellion and lawlessness will be stopped and contained to the Outer Rim, before being crushed altogether.

Unknown is if these Star Destroyers will also be deployed to the Arkanis Sector, as the sector admiralty assures HNN listeners/watchers/readers that those particular platforms are redundant in a sector of space where fighter craft are the ideal platform of choice for rooting out the elements that have destabilized that sector over recent weeks.

Grand Admiral Anjel Méi of the Oversector Outer asserts that the Imperial Navy Admiralty project imminent arrival of these fleet units to their deployment zones. From where they can be distributed to individual commands as soon as crews and captains are commissioned. Captains will be alerted over the Holonet once they arrive.

HNN analysts project that the final days of the Rebellion will soon be at hand, as TIE Fighters, Turbolasers and legions of stormtroopers will soon be within the long arm of the Empire wherever they might seek to hide away.

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