Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing Step Up to Suppress Wayward Sector

Shoulder Patch of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Responding to recent reports of insurrection and lawlessness on the Outer Rim, elite pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing are volunteering for duty in the Arkanis Sector.

Flying TIE Interceptors modified with specially-designed autothrusters to help them evade turret-mounted laser cannons, the pilots of the 181st feel confident that their action will soon be returning civilization to the beleaguered worlds of the Arkanis sector, which has been experiencing a wave of crime and rebelliousness, as warring gangs of criminals and rebels strive over territory.

Showing their pride in the Empire and their unit, the pilots are spending their own credits to fix armpatches on the sleeves of their flight suits and bloodstripes on their wings. These emblems serve to put criminals and rebels on notice that their activities in the Arkanis Sector shall no longer be tolerated, and the Empire's finest are on their way to suppress their pathetic insurgency.

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