Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arkanis Sector Plagued by Space Debris: Evidence of Warlike and Wanton Society

Debris field in orbit around Huldamun Prime

HULDAMUN - TIE pilots with the Arkanis Sector Group attempting to return law and order to the lawless and chaotic sector under their watch, report increasing trouble with debris fields of broken spacecraft.

"Not only are we destroying enemy fighters - both criminal and rebel - in the area," one pilot, remaining anonymous, said. "they're attacking eachother too, leaving a big mess in this part of space."

HNN political analyst and Outer Rim Expert, Benn Gleck, explained that while the Empire legitimately should not be bothered with picking up the remains of those destroyed in the reimposition of its order, local criminals and rebels should do more to clean up their sector.

"It's just evidence of how the Arkanis Sector, as an exemplar of the Outer Rim, is simply not a society that is prepared to take care of itself," Gleck told HNN.

"A wholesome society, like we have in the Core Worlds, would have measures in place to dispose of spaceship wreckage if we were to ever fall into such a state of anarchy as the Arkanis Sector has."

"But the denizens of the Outer Rim have no sense of responsibility or pride in their sectors, unlike those of us in the Core do. Also, there's the fact that they're aliens, and they're just not brought up to take care of themselves."

Critics of Gleck and generally malcaontent voices, argue of his circulular reasoning, and claim that the Empire is to blame for the destruction and debris left in the sector, after a long period of fruitless attempts to bring the sector back in line.

"That's the problem with those aliens of the Outer Rim. They're always blaming others for their sad state of affairs," Gleck said, mournfully.

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