Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pressure Mounts to Deploy Capital Ships to Arkanis Sector

Imperial Fleet in orbit around Coruscant

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - With rampant lawlessness in the Outer Rim generally, and the Arkanis Sector specifically, pressure is mounting to deploy larger units to squash the rebel and criminal uprisings. Local commanders resist.

Citizens in the Core worlds increasingly demonstrate their worries that the anarchy of the alien Outer Rim could seep closer to the galaxy's center if the Imperial Navy does not stifle the rebellion and criminal elements operating in the Arkanis Sector. With new capital naval units coming online at Kuat Drive Yards after the labor strike of the previous month, the Navy is deemed to have the resources necessary.

"You don't swat a bloodfly with an blaster rifle," Admiral Hoogvliet of the Arkanis Sector Group patiently told HNN reporters. "Our fighters will accomplish the task as long as people are patient. We have the situation contained."

Despite Hoogvliet's resistance, naval units are in preparations for operations in the Outer Rim, with manuals on naval tactics being distributed among naval academy cadets yesterday and questionable sources report that new Victory-class Star Destroyers will be available to the Navy as soon as next week.

Nevertheless, Adm. Hoogvliet maintained that such units were unsuitable for the sort of combat taking place in the sector:

"These bandits and traitors are small-time and cannot mount more than small fighters and even freighters. We are not engaged in a war here. This is a simple police action, for which our fighter craft are more than adequate. These missions of rooting out treachery and villainy simply take time and patience."

Still, polls among loyal core-world residents suggested that the navy needed to make a stronger presence in order to keep themselves and their children safe from the criminal (and alien) menace of the Outer Rim.

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