Monday, May 4, 2015

Bothan Spies Leak Sensitive Military Information: Navy to Deploy More Vessels to Outer Rim

Bothan traitor to the Empire has been executed for possibly being part of a spy ring

IMPERIAL CENTER (CORUSCANT) - Reportedly the Imperial Navy is scheduled to deploy new vessels to the Outer Rim in order to take an even tighter grasp around the chaotic Arkanis sector.

Many Bothans have been executed for probably bringing the Rebellion this information.

This news was treacherously released by sources deep inside the hierarchy, or possibly by Bothan spies. Regardless of the actual source, Bothans are the most likely culprit and it has been deemed prudent to squash their species before more leaks happen.

"The Bothans are an ingrate and deceptive species, and therefore naturally inclined towards subterfuge and treason," Outer Rim expert Benn Gleck told HNN. "If it hadn't been for the Empire, they would all be Hutt slaves, considering how close they are to Hutt Space."

The leaked information involves when more ships will be made available to fleet squadrons operating in the Outer Rim engaged in the naval blockade of the Arkanis sector. Rear admirals and commodores serving in the Outer Rim are eager to deploy more new TIE interceptors and bombers from Gladiator-class star destroyers.

The rebellion has been particularly assertive against the Imperial blockade centered in the Savareen sector, and are reportedly ready to deploy heavier ships towards breaking the blockade, rather than merely running it. As such, the reinforcements could not come at a better time for the Navy.

Regardless of the relief that this news brings, it is clearly unconscionable that this information was leaked. It puts rebels on alert that their hopes may continue to be snuffed out by swift naval action.


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