Monday, May 4, 2015

Rebellion Given More Reason to Fear the Future

Sienar Fleet Systems' TIE Advanced/x1.

CORULAG - the Imperial Navy announced today that spare short-production TIE Advanced/x1 model fighters will be disbursed to decorated TIE pilots.

Sienar Fleet Systems' TIE/x1 is assessed to be a successful ship with new systems making it a fearsome fighter despite its initial cost-overrun shortcomings. The TIE/x1 series was developed by the Sienar Advanced Research Division on Corulag, where existing stockpiles of the craft are being refurbished with advanced targeting computers.

Analysts speculate that the coupling of this refurbished prototype fighter with some of the Empire's finest pilots will prove to be a successful counter to the crime wave occurring in the Outer Rim.

"The TIE/x1, while initially a production failure - as most prototypes are - will prove to be an asset in chaotic places like the Arkanis sector," HNN strategic analyst Palph Reters decared. "While the navy's first duty is to create a galactic zone of security with the mass presence that only the inexpensive TIE/ln fighter can provide, in places like the Arkanis sector, it's more useful to have a surgical approach."

Built with hyperdrives, the TIE/x1 is able to operate independently of an in-system carrier ship. This eliminates the need to bring in capital ships. Cautious naval strategists suspect the rebels and criminals of the sector may have mined the public hyperroutes, creating a danger for capital-ship traffic.

Due to HNN's dedication to bringing its readers a fair and balanced point of view, HNN Outer Rim specialist Benn Gleck offers this contrary opinion:

"It's time that we stop coddling these Outer Rim aliens. Instead of surgical strikes with hyperspace-capable fighters, we should just send in the fleet. Our capital ships have proven themselves to be effective in crushing the rebels. We should use it to take care of the Arkanis Sector once and for all."

Responding to suggestions that sending in the fleet may be too heavy-handed, Gleck pushed back:

"To save the Outer Rim, we may have to destroy the Outer Rim," Gleck declared. "Otherwise, the Outer Rim is going to coalesce into a Rim-wide caliphate of rebellion and republic, under the rule of the notorious criminal Huttler."


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