Saturday, May 16, 2015

Imperial Navy Engages in Wargames Ahead of Reprisals in Arkanis Sector

An Imperial formation including an element of TIE Defenders directed by a flight leader aboard a TIE Bomber

ARKANIS SYSTEM - In preparation for a planned set or reprisal sorties into the anarchic Arkanis sector, Imperial Navy pilots stationed on the sector capital engaged in wargames yesterday. These wargames were intended to identify potential weaknesses in Imperial formations and tactical doctrines.

The games were said to be highly informative, causing the wing commanders of the Arkanis Sector Group to come to new realizations on those tactical doctrines. The exact nature of these realizations remain classified, but two classical formations were tested during the games. The first of these consisted of an element of TIE Defenders directed by a flight leader aboard a TIE Bomber. This formation allows for targeting directions to be conducted by the flight leader, while the TIE Defender Pilots maintain rigorous pursuit of their target.

The second formation was a form of hammer and anvil approach, between a VT-49 "Decimator" and a flanker of a classified type, probably a TIE Interceptor. In this wargame scenario, the three-ship formation proved victorious by rigorous pursuit of the hammer, while the VT-49 was at pains to keep pace with the pursuers.

Despite the set-back for the hammer-and-anvil formation, one Arkanis Sector Group Wing Commander, Major Purvis, intends to deploy this formation in a series of reprisal attacks later today.

"This has been an eye-opening experiment," Major Purvis declared, "But the lesson is not that this formation is obsolete. Merely that our pilots need to be aware of one another's intentions, and not allow the enemy to wedge them apart."

HNN and our loyal readers wish our pilots much strength and determination as they attempt to bring order back to this benighted sector of the Outer Rim.


Game: X-Wing
Location: Home

Battle 1
System: Arkanis
WINNER: Empire (Nick)
DATE: 2015-5-15

Captain Jonus + Squad Leader + Seismic Charge
2x Delta Squadron Pilot + "Mangler" Cannon + Ion Pulse Missiles

EMPIRE: Michael
"Echo" + Veteran Instincts + Advanced Cloaking Device + Fire Control System
Rear Admiral Chiraneau + Push the Limit + Ysanne Isard + Gunner + Engine Upgrade

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