Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Admiralty Declares the Hunt for the Rebellion to Become More Aggressive

Members of the Imperial Admiralty in Charge of the Savareen Blockade. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti (R), Colonel Wulff Yularen (L-seated), and Admiral Terrinald Screed (L-standing)

LLANIC SYSTEM - In the wake of the attacks on Farstine Station, as well as the recent loss of the Ryndellia system, the Admiralty in charge of the Savareen Blockade has declared the Savareen operation shall move into a more aggressive phase.

Among the leading admirals, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, Vice Admiral Terrinald Screed, and Colonel Wulff Yularen of the Imperial Security Bureau.

Admiral Motti, a close associate of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin himself, spoke to HNN saying: "We cannot allow the atrocities that happened at Ryndellia to stand. We shall strike back against the Rebellion, and snuff it out once and for all."

Admiral Screed of the Naval Intelligence Agency did not speak during the sit-down with the press, but is a known advocate of more aggressive measures. It is said that Admiral Screed served with the traitor, Jan Dodonna, a known naval commander in the Rebellion, during the Clone War.

ISB Colonel Wulff Yularen, also a Clone War naval veteran and former admiral, is also at hand to provide intelligence and political advice to the Savareen admiralty.

The precise details of the admiralty's strategy to crush the rebellion were kept classified, but Col. Yularen did reveal that "tactical persistence" would be a key guiding principle. Also, Motti revealed that actions were already prepared and that the rebellion would find itself in dire straights before the daily cycle was over.

Citizens of the Trailing Sectors of the Outer Rim and the Arkanis Sector are said to be hopeful with such a decisive leadership team strategizing to rid this benighted region of the galaxy of the insurgent scourge that has been a plague on local peace and stability for months.

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