Monday, May 11, 2015

Reinforcements to Outer Rim Imminent

A line of Gladiator-class star destroyers soon to be deployed as part of the Savareen Blockade.

CHRISTOPHSIS - The Savareen Sector Group is reported to soon be strengthened by Gladiator-class star destroyers in addition to more Victory-class star destroyers.

With the latter already being the backbone of the Imperial Navy on the Outer Rim, the Gladiator-class will be a welcome alternative to Imperial commodores looking to engage in swift maneuvers. Additionally, the anti-fighter capabilities of the Gladiator-class will provide the Empire with additional defenses against the rebels' favored weapons platform.

The reinforcements could not come at a better time for the Savareen Sector Group. While two waves of incursions from the Rim were beaten back at the Bajic system, the Rebellion has challenged the Empire in the Ryndellia system. The Ryndellia system, along the Triellus Trade Route, could provide the Rebellion with the means to supply their insurgency in the nearby Arkanis Sector, which has been destabilized by insurrection and crime.

The arrival of these reinforcements are expected to bring order and stability back to the Outer Rim in short order, as directed by the Emperor. The destruction of the Rebellion is deemed to be only a matter of time now.

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