Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moff Brennin Sacks Wing Commander for Introduction of Academy Pilots

A standard flight of four TIE Fighters

ARKANIS SYSTEM - Moff Dzon Brennin personally had an unnamed wing commander serving aboard a Gladiator-class star destroyer dismissed from the service today. The wing commander's offense being the introduction of a standard flight of Academy-trained TIE fighter pilots on a mission in the Arkanis sector.

The dismissal came after a number of skirmishes involving newly-trained TIE pilots in the Sirpar system. While the Rebels encountered in one skirmish proved to be little more prepared, the casualties were deemed unacceptable. Even the flight's commanding officer, himself a seasoned squad leader, was deemed to fly little better than a cadet.

In a following skirmish in the same system, another flight of TIE Fighters were ignominiously dispatched by pirate Y-Wings. In both skirmishes, the TIE Fighter pilots were recent graduates of the naval academy without many flight hours.

The use of freshly-graduated flight officers from the Naval Academy at Prefsbelt IV was prohibited by the regional governor in his strategic memo when taking charge of the Arkanis sector. This strategic memo, previously undisclosed to HNN, determined that the Imperial Navy would use special operations units within the Arkanis sector, rather than standard order-of-battle Flights of TIE fighters.

The standard order of battle was decided to be ill-suited for service within the chaotic Arkanis sector, which is beset by criminality and insurrection. The use of irregular and special operations units, with covert aspects, is directed to be the approach taken by all units of the Arkanis Sector Group.

"This isn't the Core where you use a civilized war-fighting method to fight a civilized opponent," Moff Brennin told HNN. "Out here in the Arkanis sector, you've got to fight an asymmetrical threat with asymmetrical means. The Arkanis sector is a wretched hive of treason and villainy, and the Sector Group will fight these terrorists and cartels the way that they deserve to be fought."


Game: X-Wing
Location: Guardian Games

Battle 1
System: Sirpar
WINNER: Empire
DATE: 2015-5-18

Luke Skywalker + R2-D2 + Shield Upgrade
3x Rookie Pilot

EMPIRE: Justin S
Darth Vader + Engine Upgrade
5x Academy Pilot

Battle 2
System: Sirpar
DATE: 2015-5-18

SCUM: Jason
Kavil + Blaster Turret + R4 Agromech + Swarm Tactics
Torkhil Mux + Ion Cannon Turret + Greedo
2x Syndicate Thug + Autoblaster Turret + Unhinged Astromech

EMPIRE: Michael
Darth Vader + Outmaneuver + Engine Upgrade + TIE/x1 + Advanced Targeting Computer + Proton Rockets
5x Academy Pilot

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