Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rebellion Falls for Counter-Ambush in Relgim Sector

The refueling station in the Ord Trasi system, near which the counter-ambush took place

From our correspondent in the Relgim sector

ORD TRASI SYSTEM - The Rebellion failed in an attempt at ambushing an Imperial force in the Relgim sector yesterday. This tactical and strategic setback for the Rebellion was the result of cooperation between the Relgim Sector Group and HNN, a plan carefully conceived by Admiral Screed.

Two days ago, HNN reported the Imperial Navy's assurance that the Relgim Sector was clear of rebel activity, despite local citizens' nervousness. According to plan, this resulted in the Rebellion being lulled into a false sense of security, which resulted in a tactical and strategic defeat for the insurgency.

Having laid plans to ambush Admiral Screed's Victory II-class star destroyer Valiant at a refueling outpost in the Ord Trasi system, the rebels were themselves lured into a surprise attack. Having brought sufficient vessels to successfully attack the Valiant, they were confronted by not only the Valiant, but also the VSD Cossack and a supporting Gladiator-class star destroyer.

The rebel forces, consisting of a mere frigate and two supporting corvettes and sundry fighters, were overwhelmed by the superior Imperial force, resulting in the destruction of the frigate and disabling of one of the corvettes. The second corvette was permitted to escape in order to bring news back to the Rebellion that their efforts in the Relgim sector will prove fruitless.

The captain and human crew of the captured corvette have been turned over to the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) for interrogation and re-education. Incapable of re-education, the sundry aliens have been sent to the spice mines of Kessel.

GAME: Armada
Location: Unknown
DATE: 5-19-2015

Battle 1
System: Ord Trasi system
WINNER: Empire
OBJECTIVE: Fleet Ambush

EMPIRE clontroper5
Victory I-class Star Destroyer + Admiral Screed + Flight Controllers + Extended Hangars
Victory I-class Star Destroyer
Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer + Demolisher + Assault Concussion Missiles
4x TIE Fighter Squadron

REBELS: Nathan
Nebulon-B Escort Frigate + Yavaris + Raymus Antilles
CR90 Corvette + Dodonna's Pride + Electronic Countermeasures
CR90 Corvette + Jaina's Light + General Dodonna + Keyan Farlander
B-wing Squadron
Wedge Antilles
2x X-wing Squadron
(Unknown upgrades omitted)

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