Monday, May 18, 2015

Imperial Patrol in Bahalian System Encounters Larger Rebel Vessel

The Rebel Assault Frigate Gallant Haven sighted in the Bahalian system.

BAHALIAN SYSTEM - An Imperial patrol was attacked by a Rebel vessel of un- precedented size yesterday. According to Imperial Navy analysis, the use of a single larger vessel signifies a strategic shift by the Rebellion.

According to Naval Intelligence, the ship in question responded to the transponder title Gallant Haven, and indicated as an Assault Frigate Mark II B, manufactured by Rendilli StarDrive. Rendilli StarDrive, headquartered in the eponymous Rendili system in the Core, has declined to comment, but is reportedly answering questions from the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), as to how their vessels found their way into Rebel hands.

The Rebel attack is being hailed as a victory for the Empire, despite losses of three squadrons of TIE fighters. Intelligence gained and an elite Rebel fighter squadron having been destroyed is deemed to be worth the losses. Furthermore, towards the end of the battle, it was the rebel assault frigate which withdrew from the Bahalian system before Imperial reinforcements arrived.

"TIE Fighter pilots are the most dedicated and loyal servants of the Empire, braving death in the Emperor's service every day," COMPNOR spokesman Prop Agandist told HNN. "However, their sacrifices are expected and the Empire has ever more loyal citizens volunteering to stand up for galactic stability, whereas the Rebellion only has a small and finite number of people so traitorous to be willing to fill their ranks. If our casualties were ten of our to one of theirs we would be justified in calling it a victory!"

The captain of the Imperial vessel, a Victory II-class star destroyer, with ample starfighter and bomber support, reports having hung back from engagement to allow the gathering of intelligence rather than immediate destruction of the enemy vessel. This captain is also currently in consultation with the ISB regarding his decision, and his failure to make full use of his fighter and bomber complement. His disciplinary demise is expected with the arrival of Lord Vader. That discipline will provide new ways to motivate Imperial Navy captains to be more aggressive and more skillful with their fighter and bomber complements in the future.

GAME: Armada
Location: Red Castle Games (casual games).
DATE: 5-17-2015

Battle 1
System: Bahalian system
WINNER: Rebels
OBJECTIVE: Precision Strike

EMPIRE Michael
Victory II-class Star Destroyer + Grand Moff Tarkin + Flight Controllers
3x TIE Bomber Squadron 3x TIE Fighter Squadron

Assault Frigate Mark II B + General Dodonna + Gallant Haven + Weapons Liaison
Luke Skywalker
X-Wing Squadron
2x A-Wing Squadron
B-Wing Squadron

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