Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Admiral Screed to Soon Arrive in Savareen Sector

Admiral Terrinald Screed

CHRISTOPHSIS - The recently reported imminent reinforcements to the Savareen and neighboring sectors also coincides with the arrival of a new naval tactical doctrine. Traveling with the reinforcements is one Admiral Terrinald Screed, a new naval tactical thinker.

Thus far, the Imperial Navy has been inspired by the Tarkin naval doctrine (not to be confused with the political doctrine of the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, which aimed to more efficiently police unstable regions in the galaxy). The Tarkin naval doctrine, called "Tarkin parkin'" by some uncouth rebels, involves a defensive stance, which lures the rebellion into range without exposing the rear flank to the enemy.

Admiral Screed promises a more aggressive approach to naval engagements, as his specialty is for attack rather than defense.

Screed, once an officer of the Judicial Department and a loyal associate of the Emperor Himself, now serves as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. His specialty is as a commander for lines of Gladiator-class star destroyers. These ships, armed with light turbolaser batteries and point-defense lasers for anti-fighter combat, are an ideal expression of Screed's pro-active combative nature.

Together with Screed's aggressive stance, the Rebellion will soon feel the Empire's just revenge for their depredations. The first place where the Rebellion can expect to suffer the Emperor's vengeance is in the Ryndellia system, where they recently launched a surprise attack on a space station inhabited by innocent civilians. With no word from the space station, the human inhabitants are feared to have been massacred by the rebels.

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